Parts Catalog

The parts catalog is divided into engine and frame group.
It refers to the latest manufacturers spare parts list, standing of April 1954.
Some parts are either still available from our stock of old genuine parts, or re-manufactured in today’s quality, coordinated by our type specialist.

We like to help to keep the existing Bergmeister running, so that at veteran meetings there will still be highlights with V-engines among all the other models. Due to the very small number of existing bikes, selling Bergmeister parts is not cost effective for professional dealers. However, we would like to assist you giving information and help. Even if this isn't always possible, we might have a tip for you where your desired part is for sale.

To ask for parts please do not quote the “Bestell-Nr.” in the last column, that’s the 50 year-old Victoria part number. Please quote the first two columns, “Tafel” and “Bild” to help us to identify your wish.

To contact the type specialist with your requests please use the contact form of the Victoria Interest Group.

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Important notice:

We are no professional parts dealers, but we do it as our hobby within the Victoria owners club.
To pay the bills of future part remanufacturing, we have to gain a little margin when we are selling the parts shown on the following pages.
Members of the Victoria owners club will get a special discount on parts and literature sold by the Victoria owners club.