Model changes

(by our Type specialist Manfred E. Sprenger, translated with the help of William F. Foshag)

There was only one Bergmeister model produced and documented by the factory, a quantity of app. 5000 motorcycles has been built within three years.
From the end of 1953 when the production started to July 1954, in a duration of eight months, 3500 bikes were built. Up to December 1954 the production reached the frame number 4000, and during the whole year 1955 some more 1000 Bergmeisters were made – then there was the final cut.
These figures are characteristic for all the german motorcycle factories.

The differences the normal version to the half sport and sport limited themselves on optical corrections. In the technical equipment no differences were made. There were no special parts for the increase in power or motor modification offered to the customer.
A modification of the V 35 in order to improve the complete motorcycle after having made the practical experiences was never done. The sale figures went down in this time at all German motorcycle makers with increasing speed. Of course the Bergmeister was improved in details while production was running. Only some of those modifications were documented in the parts list, others were just spread in the dealers’ technical info.
This report is based on the parts list release of April 1954. We do not know if there was a later version of the parts list, but if anyone owns one please let us have a copy, so that we will be able to record the changes.

We have so far recorded changes in the following parts:

[Frame] [Engine housing] [Oil sump] [Timing chain] [Ignition setup] [Clutch] [Gearbox]

[Kick starter] [Exhaust nuts] [Speedometer] [Fenders] [Battery holder] [Painting]